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Booking A Tattoo Appointment or Consultation

Please follow this simple two step process to ensure your appointment is booked and your inquiry is not overlooked.

Step 1: Use this link to fill out an inquiry form regarding your project

I will not accept your booking unless this is completed to the best of your ability, as it gives me the necessary information to decide if I can take on your project. Please fill out the form!

Immediately after completing the form:

Step 2: Use this link to request a date & time for your tattoo appointment or consultation

It is helpful if you read through my pre-appointment information before coming in to be tattooed.

Please be aware that while I am capable of tattooing in many styles, I have a preference for traditional tattooing in it's various forms. These include American, Japanese, and neotraditional tattooing, as well as some fineline, black & gray, and ornamental tattooing. For projects that seem very far out of my focus, I will refer you to a familiar artist that I think would work well with your vision.

If your project is large-scale, requiring multiple sessions to complete or is too complicated to explain via text and images, please book a consultation to go over your project first.

If you are unsure if I am the artist you'd like to work with before booking a tattoo appointment online, please book a consultation to meet me and go over your project first.

If you don't trust computers or booking online feels too complicated for you, feel free to call the shop or stop in. We will work together to book it old-school. Bring cash, ammo or precious metals for a deposit if you plan on booking this way.

If we are good friends and you feel that our relationship warrants a more personal booking experience, you must already know that I am terrible at answering text messages, phone calls, or email in a timely manner. Come in and see me in person so we can book your appointment and bullshit at the shop.

I will accept or deny every inquiry within the week. If I think your project is something I'm able to take on, I'll accept your booking. Otherwise, I will gladly refer any denial to an artist better suited to your project. Every booking requires a $100-$250 nonrefundable deposit that will be used towards the final appointment, if more than one is required to complete a project.

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